SPF Record Creator
Walks you through creating SPF DNS records for domains to help try and cut down on outgoing spam and backscatter.

Technically every section is optional, if you're looking for a very simple, basic SPF record, then just hit create as the defaults will work for most simple mail server setups.

List here all the IP(v4) addresses that should be allowed to send email claiming to be from your domain name.
For example if you have a server and a VPS, you would want to list both their IP addresses here.
Separate the list of IP addresses with spaces (i.e.

Same as above, but for IPv6 addresses instead.

This section is for domains who's IP addresses should also be allowed to send email from your domain.
i.e. If you enter 'bob.com' and bob.com resolves to, email from will be allowed.
Separate the list of domain/sub-domain names with spaces.

Include allows you to pull in the settings (i.e. the domain list, IP list, etc) from another domain to save duplicating records.
Just enter the domain here to pull in it's SPF record.

Allow the IP addresses that... (leave these alone if you are unsure what they mean)
This domain resolves to
This domain's MX records resolve to
The PTR (reverse hostname) record resolves to

If a server sends email using my domain and it isn't allowed by anything we've listed above, should we...
Disallow the Email
Soft-Fail (leave it up to the recieving server)
Be Neutral (we don't really care)
Allow (rather pointless)